Farm insurance throughout Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, North Carolina, and Alabama.

Agriculture is the backbone of our society. It is a complex industry with many risks. At Gessel & Associates we understand the perils your farm faces. Our experts have decades of experience living and working with farmers and will work with you to develop a plan for your specific needs.

When your farm is both your home and your business, insurance can seem like a complicated topic. In fact, it’s an opportunity to get a single policy that meets all your needs. The key is being certain what you want from a farm insurance policy and making sure your insurer provides it.

Coverage Options Include

Farm Owners

A unique blend of personal and commercial coverages suited to the specific needs of farmers.

Farm Liability

Protects you from legal liability in the event of an accident.

Commercial Umbrella

Typically provides from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 of liability coverage in addition to your other policies.

Farm Auto

Provides protection for vehicles including private passenger autos, light and heavy duty pickups, dump trucks, semis and trailers.

Farm Equipment

Covers tools and equipment, either on a blanket basis (lump sum of coverage) or on a scheduled item basis.

Farm Personal Property

Unlike Farm Property Insurance for buildings, this covers dwelling contents, miscellaneous tools, grain, hay, livestock and more.

Farm Property

This coverage includes buildings, dwellings, barns, bins, grain complexes and more. Coverage is written on a replacement cost or actual cash value basis.


Also known as pollution liability, this insurance covers chemical spills, run off and more. Farm owner policies offer limited coverage and limits of coverage. A standalone pollution policy supplements and expands limits of coverage.